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Stock Symbols For Companies in the Cellulosic Ethanol Industry
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  • Globex - GLXI
  • Green Star Products - GSPI
  • Lignol - TSXV:LEC
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  • Verenium - VRNM
  • Xethanol - XNL
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    "We'll also fund additional research for cutting-edge methods of producing ethanol, not just from corn but from wood chips and stalks or switchgrass. Our goal is to make this new kind of ethanol practical and competitive within six years."
    -President Bush in his 2006 State of the Union Address

    "It is true, cellulose ethanol is almost like the Holy Grail. If it works, it changes the game. So I'd say if you can crack the cellulosic code, that will be an even bigger deal than 'The Da Vinci Code'."
    -David O'Reilly, Chairman and CEO of Chevron during his May 17, 2006 interview on Larry King Live

    "'ll get an awful lot of investments coming in, especially if the numbers make sense, which I think they do. It's the only thing that can generate the volumes to be a competitive thrust against gasoline."
    -Alan Greenspan commenting on cellulosic ethanol in his June 7, 2006 Senate testimony

    " excellent way to extend this country's fuel market."
    -Shell Oil Co. Pres. John D. Hofmeister praising cellulosic ethanol in his October 23, 2006 address to the National Press Club

    "And we need to continue to spend money on cellulosic ethanol."
    -President Bush in his December 20, 2006 press conference at the White House.

    "There's some concern, I know, amongst some of the farm state congressmen that when you use a lot of corn for ethanol it's going to rise -- it's going to cause the feed for hogs and cattle to rise. I've heard loud and clear those complaints. And to a certain extent, they're right. As a matter of fact, that is why we need to spend money on cellulosic ethanol, to make sure that we have got substitutes."
    -President Bush in his February 3, 2007 remarks to the House Democratic Caucus Issues Conference.